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Comprehensive Engineering solution from PRATAP UDYOG…
PRATAP UDYOG has a comprehensive range of engineering machinery and processes, enabling us to provide a wide range of solutions for our customers.

We also work on broad range of materials; such as ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys and from aerospace grade material such as titanium

We also believe in investing in the best machinery - below is a list of some of the equipment and services we can provide. This list is not exhaustive as we are constantly upgrading our equipment, so please get it touch with us should you have any queries.



From Bar Diameter 1.00 mm to 34.00 mm having Bar Length 3600.00 mm on all type of steel alloys and non Ferrous materials.


Precision milling with in tolerance limit of 40 microns.


Center less Grinding and Cylindrical Grinding Process.


Surface Treatment
Heat treatment, Zinc Passivation, Nickel Coating, Copper Coating, Powder Coating etc.


Fittings and Assemblies
Assembly of all the Type of components.


Threading and Knurling
According to thread gauge specifications from 2.50 mm to 18.00 mm


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